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Welcome to V3 Healthcare Strategies

V3 Healthcare Strategies is a global healthcare solutions company. V3 was Created In response to the need to demystify the complex healthcare IT environment, Dr. Paul A Markham founded V3 in 2006. Dr Markham sets forth a unique vision and simplifies the complex, rapidly. He has decades of experience across the corporate continuum, from large-cap to start up. V3 offers multi-variant consulting services to international and domestic vendors, hospitals, payers and private equity firms in North America, Europe and Asia. Our name and our ethos were built around (V) five guiding principles of; integrity, honesty, ingenuity, creativity and productivity and (3) three key areas of focus.

Key Consulting services focus

Corporate Financial Structure and Entity Formation

  • Raising Capital and Corporate Due Diligence

Strategic Market Research and Planning 

  • Research, Rapid Assessment, Re-Branding, Positioning  

Technology Due Diligence

  • International Market Entry and Expansion for capital equipment, device and supplies companies.

We specialize in providing a unique approach to help you reach your specific healthcare information technology goals, inline with market requirements. Our team of expert’s help you recognize the problems quickly and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts on your company or healthcare system. Each organization is different and our customized approach, tailored to individual needs, allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your corporate imperatives, incorporating regulatory and governmental pressures. .

Expert in these Market Segments 

  • The Chronic Disease Management Continuum    (MU3)
  • Accountable Care Organizations                          (ACO)
  • Population Health Management                           (PHM)
  • Vendor Neutral Archives                                       (VNA)
  • Telehealth Remote Monitoring Devices 
  • Infectious Disease Safety Products 

Our health specialists are committed to help you deliver your vision rapidly and effectively.

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