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October 2014

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Dr Paul A. Markham
V3 Healthcare Strategies

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V3 Healthcare Strategies launches Unique Hypo-tec Needlestick Safety Device to the North American Marketplace

Breakthrough Infectious Disease Protection Device in Ebola & HIV/AIDS Landscape


Milwaukee, WI (October 7th, 2014) —V3 Healthcare Strategies, a Wisconsin Based Accountable Care Strategies company, announced the North American launch of the revolutionary Hypo-tec Needlestick Injury Prevention Product amidst an environment of infectious catastrophic diseases such as Ebola, Hanta & Hemorrhagic Fevers, while simultaneously protecting against all other infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and more. According to Dr Paul A Markham, President, “This North American launch of Hypo-tecTM brings forth a patented, revolutionary, timely, clinician centered approach, to sharps needlestick safety. Hypo-tecTM enters the North American market following wide scale acceptance in the United Kingdom. With a deep heritage in providing solutions for Mad Cow disease in the UK, Hypo-tec designers constantly deliver unique solutions to improve safety, clinician productivity in lockstep with current Care Coordination Requirements. All V3 products such as Hypo-tecTM, reinforce a sincere commitment to improving safety, patient outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary costs, in conjunction with the Accountable Care Act (PPACA).” Hypotec provides a simple, cost?effective solution to an everyday problem using a shielded needle to allow safe access through the ‘rubber’ bung.

• No risk of needlestick injury

• No risk of spillage

• No risk of contamination

• Prevents accidental puncture of the bag tail which can occur using an exposed hypodermic needle.  


“Given the current transformation of healthcare and the encroaching threat of Ebola and other infectious diseases in North America, this comprehensive clinician centered form of sharps safety, changes the game for providers and insurance companies. The concept has the potential to impact shared saving plans in Accountable Care Organizations, while also positively impacting health insurance indicators such as HEDIS, with regards to Medicare Advantage Star Rating programs.” as stated by Dr Paul A. Markham President of V3 Healthcare Strategies. The result is reduced cost to healthcare systems and ultimately, to the American healthcare consumer.


About V3 Healthcare Strategies


Based in Milwaukee, WI, V3 Healthcare Strategies is committed to bringing unique Accountable Care centered devices, software and services to market. The patented Hypo-tec system is yet another Next Generation, Patient Safety solution, bringing forth superiority over conventional product’s specification, quality and lower price.  

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